A unique approach to maximizing NPV


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Increasing revenue and mitigating risks

How could we improve economic results, reduce risks and increase sustainability?.


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Long-Term Mining Schedule Optimization (2018)

Equamining (2019)

Creating Value in Mining: Strategy Optimization Through Data Science (2018)

Creating Value in Mining was an event held in Belo Horizonte, at the MM Gerdau – Mine’s & Metal’s Museum at 5th November 2018. The event aimed to bring a broader discussion on the principles of Value Creation in mining businesses. In this context, the lecturers addressed the key importance of strategy optimization to find bottlenecks, uncover opportunities, and exploit a more robust decision-making analysis.

Results and case studies presented have illustrated the potential a global optimization can offer to reduce risks and improve the overall performance of a mining project. Uncertainty risk analysis has also been addressed as a whole new level to cope with long-term challenges for a field facing new demands from society.

IV Simposio Internacional de Planeamiento de Minado (2016)

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