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Fixing Destinations

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We have already seen that SimSched works with Economic Values for each destination, taking each one of them into account to decide whether or not a block should be mined and where it should be sent to.

Thus, fixing destinations or pre-defining them is not a concern anymore, especially considering the use of the Direct Block Schedulingmode. However, in regards to the Pit Optimization mode, it might still be necessary to define pushbacks, for example, while making use of Other Constraints.


  • Fixing destinations to define pushbacks on SimSched PO through Other Constraints.

  • Preventing a block with a certain characteristic (e.g. rock type) to be sent to a given destination (e.g. processing plant).

  • Among others.

How to lock destinations down?

The concept behind fixing destinations is very simple and relies on the Economic Values, as they are the parameters considered to SimSched make a decision, whether to mine a block or not.

  • The user simply needs to define very negative values (e.g. -999,999,999) for a destination a block should not be sent to.

The figure below presents an example of blocks with very negative values for the Waste Dump, which means they will be sent to the destination with the highest economic value: the processing plant (if mined).

Figure 1: Blocks with very negative values for the Waste Dump.

DISCLAIMER: By doing this procedure without reason for SimSched DBS, just to reproduce the traditional way of calculating economic values you are impeding SimSched to reach its full potential.

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