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  • Your New Journey 🛣️

    With MiningMath you have an easy workflow and plenty of benefits to boost your projects according to your needs! Import and format your own block model Run pit optimizations Access the Super Best Case Integrate with your preferred mining package Run as many scenarios...
  • Your Networking Arena (+a hidden 🎁)

    It’s ready! The first and only place fully focused on Global Optimization for Mining! For innovative professionals only, are you in? 🎁 Join us and gain one MM-FULL license for free valid until June 30th!  SIGN UP NOW Find business partners, top consultants and great talents, exchange experiences,...
  • From Noise To Contaminants: You Control

    What if you had the power to control, within a global single-step optimization, variables such as: Grade of a contaminant on the plant Haulage distance, based on the destination of each block Blasting material consumption CO2 and noise emission, energy/water consumption and other socio-environmental...
  • Renew Your License for 2022!

    Your resolution for 2022 is probably the same as ours: aim higher, do it better and achieve greater. But we’re only here because you’ve been with us from day one, building great things together and leading mining optimization to the next level! 💪 Your projects are...
  • Super Best Case?

    In the search for the upside potential for the NPV of a given project, this setup explores the whole solution space without any other constraints but processing capacities, in a global multi-period optimization fully focused on maximizing the project’s discounted cashflow. As MiningMath optimizes all periods...

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