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Get some exclusive benefits!

At our community, every action matters and they can even bring you prizes! By being part of and engaging with our community, you win MM-POINTS. Gather enough of those and even MM-FULL licences might be in the table for you! Oh yeah! 🤟

What gives me MM-POINTS? And how much?

Sign up and get welcome points

sign up

Sign up
20 points 

Do our online certification for free¹

online certification


100 points

Bring new members to the community

new member

Affiliate link
60 points

Leave your feedback in our forum²


20 points

Clicks on affiliate links you have shared


10 points

Publish or comment in our forum

publish or comment

10 points

Get points for new daily visits

daily visit

Daily visit
2 points

Likes received in your comments

Like received

2 points

¹: Proof of certification must be sent when exchanging your points.
²: Your feedback must have at least 5 lines and must be posted here

What about the rewards?

We have great rewards waiting for you. Below you can see the  information about each of them and how many MM-POINTS are required

15-days Trial MM-Full


100 points

30-days Trial MM-Full



140 points

60-days Trial MM-Full



180 points

90-days Trial MM-Full



270 points

Personalized support


personalized support

320 points

Daily MM-Full



6 points

Where is my balance and how do I collect rewards?

You can see your balance and point history in your profile page. Once you have the MM-POINTS required for your desired reward, all you have to do is request to change them in your profile page.

To go to your profile page click on your username at the header. If it doesn’t show up you will need to sign in first.

In your profile page go to the MM-Points section, select your reward and click on “Collect reward”. Done! Soon our support will contact will at your account email to complete the exchange.

P.S.: These offer and conditions are valid for the present day and may change anytime!

Is all that really achievable?

To show you how simple this reward system can be, we have made a simulation below to exemplify how an average user could win a 60-days Trial MM-FULL. 

  1. Sign up (20 points total)

  2. 15 daily visits (50 points total)

  3. 1 new member brought with your affiliate link (110 points total)

  4. 3 clicks on your shared affiliate link (140 points toal)

  5. 2 new topics or comments in the forum (160 points total)

  6. User feedback posted in the forum (180 points)

This is just one way you could achieve your 60-days Trial MM-FULL. By getting your certification or bringing new member to the community you might achieve better rewards even faster!