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System requirements

The only mandatory requirement for using MiningMath is a 64-bits system, due to its use of Direct Block Scheduling technology. Other minimum requirements are listed further:

  1. Windows 10

  2. 64-bits system (mandatory)

  3. 110 MB of space (installation) + additional space for your projects' files.

  4. Processor: processors above 2.4 GHz are recommended to improve your experience.

  5. Memory: at least 4 GB of RAM is required. 8 GB of RAM or higher is recommended to improve your experience.

  6. OpenGL 3.2 or above. Discover yours by downloading and running the procedure available at here

Recommended Hardware

Memory should be a higher priority when choosing the machine in which MiningMath will be run on. In addition, a list of priority upgrades to improve performance with large scale datasets is given below. 

  1. High Ram

  2. Higer Ram frequency

  3. Higher processing clock

Notice that MiningMath does not use multiple processing threads for a single scenario. To take full advantage of a multi-thread processor, consider running different instances of MiningMath with different scenarios.

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